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Beta Weaving has state-of-the-art climate control weaving sheds that houses our weaving looms. This allows us to optimize our maintenance and reduces machinery downtime, thereby allowing us to pass on our cost savings to our customers. We newly implemented warehouse with strict barcode controls of yarn and fabric stock, allowing us to fulfill our customers just-in-time needs. We can also assure quality through constant inspection through our ERP, which enables us to conduct online fabric inspection and pick-by-pick defect record keeping.


We have four in-house yarn twisting and air covering machines that produces innovative blends for all of our product markets. Our purchased yarn is sourced from diverse markets like South Korea, Japan, India, China, Spain Malaysia, Indonesia and locally in Thailand.


Through our ERP, we can track yarn in production down to the carton and box, which allows us to maintain the highest standard during production.

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Beta Weaving’s quality control includes an online quality inspection software that allows us detailed monitoring of our fabrics at both griege and finished stage. Every single yard produced is inspected through our online inspection software, enabling us to link defects to machines, time of weaving, weaver, beam, beamer, yarn lot, and much more.


We operate using the internationally recognised Four Points Inspection System to create the highest standards.

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Beta Weaving’s reputation as a high quality producer of Jacquard fabrics is second to none.


With over 150 European-manufactured weaving looms, two Japanese-manufactured sizers and four South Korean-manufactured sectional Warper, our vertical infrastructure allows for the utmost control and care of our weaving processes in order produce good quality woven products.

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With the assistance of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) partner, Intex Consulting Group, Beta Weaving integrated Intex ERP to control all of our manufacturing processes, enabling us to provide industry-leading delivery times and the highest quality.

ERP is used to manage day-to-day business business resources such as cash flow, raw materials, production capacity, client orders, purchase orders, and payroll. 

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