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We empower brands, distributors, agents, and retailers to be able to sell the most unique and design exclusive products to a competitive marketplace. 

At Beta Weaving Factory our greatest pride is our wide range of woven products from upholstery to traditional wear and souvenir items.

We have served a diverse customer base drawn from fashion brands, residential settings, hotels, 

Throughout our weaving journey, a commitment to continuous improvement always takes priority. 



With a team of young, highly educated designers who produce innovative, fashionable and luxurious products through the latest design software. We value quality and innovation, which is reflected in the variety of designs and colors of our products.



Our reputation as a high quality producer of Jacquard fabrics is second to none. With over 150 European-manufactured weaving looms, 2 Japanese-manufactured sizers and 4 South Korean-manufactured sectional warper, our vertical infrastructure allows for the utmost control and care of our weaving processes.


textile quality controller checking fabrics on QC table.jpg

With a quality control that includes an online quality inspection software which allows detailed monitoring of our fabrics at both greige and finished stage, enabling us to link defects to machines, time of weaving, weaver, beam, beamer, yarn lot, and more. 


Beta Weaving’s history began in 1993, with original expertise in shirting fabrics for local brands. Over time we grew to include home textiles, Thai traditional apparel, automotive and technical textiles.

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